Waves Association Launch

The creation of the Waves Association is an important step in the development of our platform and community. You will have a unique opportunity to witness the formation of a new unifying structure for the entire ecosystem, opening new horizons for the community as well as promoting the wider development of blockchain technology.

Event countdown!

Why participate?

We invite all members of the community who are interested in the development of the Waves ecosystem to attend the launch event. Anyone who is committed to being an active part of Waves and a new era of blockchain technology is welcome to join us.

At the event, you will be invited to become a founding member of the Waves Association, enabling you to take part in the decision-making process and determine priorities for ongoing ecosystem development.

About Association

Waves Association is a non-profit organization, located in Frankfurt and driven by the mission of providing next-gen technologies for the creation of trustless digital ecosystems, decentralized collaborative environments and organizations.

The Association is committed to stimulating global adoption of the Web 3.0 paradigm, by means of fostering research, governance of Waves ecosystem, and providing grants for the development of the Waves technology stack.

The Waves Association is focused on implementing the following goals

  • Technology. Support and development of the Waves protocol and infrastructure, which includes a decentralized network, technologies and various development tools
  • Tools. Create everything the community needs, enabling anyone to build on Waves and create their own applications and use cases with the ecosystem’s technologies and tools
  • Governance. Implement decision-making on the blockchain, such as voting on all major issues and updates, as well as development of DAO-style governance in the future

  • Research and education. Active collaboration with universities, research centers, industry, and governments in Europe and around the world

About Waves Platform

An open blockchain protocol for DeFi applications as well as other dApp cases, combining both security and high transaction speeds for a wide range of on-chain operations and featuring community-driven monetary policy. Waves supports development of dApps of any kind thanks to the protocol’s purpose-designed programming language, Ride. Ride offers formal verification with flat fees and no ‘gas’, resulting in low and predictable operating costs and a zero failure rate for transactions



Sasha Ivanov

Founder, Waves Platform and Waves Enterprise


Victor Ammer

Board Member, Ammer Capital


Artyom Tolkachev

Founder, Tokenomica